Our BlogBolt.Earth Brings Global EV Strategies to EICMA 2023

Bolt.Earth Brings Global EV Strategies to EICMA 2023


November 02, 2023

Bolt.Earth, a leading global innovator of electric vehicle (EV) solutions, is headed for the 2-wheeler industry’s most important event of the year: the glamorous 2023 International Motorcycle and Accessories Exhibition (EICMA), in Milan, Italy! Bolt.Earth plans to showcase its groundbreaking technology by co-hosting stalls with two of its partners, preeminent electric scooter manufacturers OKLA Global and Bafang subsidiary T&D.

The rapid growth of EV adoption has ignited demand for scalability, agility, and interoperability in tech for EVs. Bolt.Earth is working towards making it all possible via one centralized platform. The company currently partners with 8 of India’s top 10 EV-2W OEMs, has established a vast charging network with 30k+ charging points across 1100 cities, and has 150k+ active users on its app.

Meanwhile, the startup has started making waves in international waters — with dynamic collaborations with established 2W automotive firms, in order to accelerate cleaner mobility in emerging markets.

Bolt.Earth also provides solutions and services for EV users, fleet operators, and dealers, and empowers original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to accelerate their go-to-market timelines. In addition to charging solutions, its comprehensive array of offerings includes integrated cloud-based software, user-friendly speedometers, allied services, and financing and leasing options to facilitate EV adoption.

All of these offerings strategically position Bolt.Earth to address the increasing demand for an agile, scalable, interoperable, and universal EV ecosystem. By employing a strategic perspective, Bolt.Earth has successfully initiated global operations, driven by its mission to provide accessible and sustainable automotive tech solutions for EV 2-wheelers worldwide.

To better understand Bolt.Earth's strategy for building a sustainable auto revolution, this article will address three questions:

  1. What role will Bolt.Earth play in the upcoming EICMA motorcycle show, and how will it benefit EV ecosystems in emerging markets?
  2. How is Bolt.Earth strategically implementing innovative technology, including the powerful Bolt.Earth OS, to help international partners move towards software-enabled EVs?
  3. Why does Bolt.Earth's global expansion hold broad industry implications?

Bolt.Earth at EICMA: What’s on Display

Bolt.Earth looks forward to introducing its transformational technology to the 2-wheeler world at EICMA!

The company takes pride in offering cutting-edge EV tech products that center on its proprietary EV operating system (OS) — the core driving force behind intelligent and well-connected software-defined vehicles (SDVs).

In addition to its OS, Bolt.Earth provides a comprehensive range of innovative EV charging products designed with efficiency and sustainability in mind. These chargers are compatible with all EV models and promote clean energy practices. Bolt.Earth further extends its commitment to user convenience with a well-developed mobile app for finding EV charging points and charging EVs.

Here's a detailed look into the key features of Bolt.Earth’s various offerings.

Infographic listing the key features Bolt.Earth offers

State-of-the-Art 2-Wheeler Integrations

Bolt.Earth OS is a comprehensive and interconnected platform technology that perfectly integrates across various EV components and devices. This provides a unified and efficient user experience. For example, embedded smart speedometer clusters monitor and control various EV components like the Battery Management System (BMS), controller, motor, and vehicle peripherals.

By seamlessly integrating Bolt.Earth OS-powered solutions into their offerings, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and distributors can effortlessly tailor the EV driving and charging experience to the unique preferences of each user. Bolt.Earth OS can also help OEMs by streaming EV data to the cloud to enable a deeper understanding of customer needs, and can upgrade new features accordingly through over-the-air (OTA) updates.

Bolt.Earth OS products’ versatile compatibility has led to many successful collaborations between Bolt.Earth and various OEMs. For example, Kyte Energy, a leading electric scooter maker in India, has leveraged Bolt.Earth's technology to offer a comprehensive suite of EV charging features through its mobile app. Meanwhile, BattRE has incorporated Bolt.Earth’s speedometer clusters into its cutting-edge electric 2-wheelers. Such partnerships have resulted in the development of technologically advanced and user-friendly EVs, mobile apps, and EV charging stations.

Another key advantage of Bolt.Earth OS is its ability to synchronize data, which enables users to optimize performance and ensure uninterrupted communication between different EV functionalities. This versatility extends to compatibility with any vehicle management system (VMS) and fleet management system (FMS) to optimize EV health and performance. In addition, Bolt.Earth OS is interoperable with all EV charging points and other technological components within the EV ecosystem.

Designed with fleet operators in mind, Bolt.Earth OS also offers integrated EV charging infrastructure functionality, and FMS-optimized telemetry capabilities including real-time monitoring and continuous data collection.

Diverse EV Charging Solutions

Bolt.Earth offers a range of EV charging solutions, including the innovative Bolt.Earth LITE. This slow charging point caters to 2-, 3-, and 4-wheelers to ensure compatibility with all EV models, and even offers protection against power and voltage surges. Its resilience also extends to guarding against overheating and short circuits.

Meanwhile, Bolt.Earth’s Blaze AC and Blaze DC fast-charging solutions provide flexible, efficient EV charging options to cater to every user’s needs. The Blaze chargers’ state-of-the-art features include:

Blaze DC

  • On-the-go EV charging, enabling 50km range in just 30 minutes
  • IOT capabilities, for easy locating, scanning, and EV charging
  • In-app energy consumption monitoring
  • Ultimate customizability and adaptability; the charger can use any CAN-enabled connector, and can be scaled up to 12kW
  • IEC 61851-6 compliance, for the safest EV charging experience

Blaze AC

  • Wireless energy metering
  • Intuitive charger status and energy display
  • IP65 water resistance
  • Included gun holder
  • Compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles

Bolt.Earth’s EV charging solutions are characterized by their remarkable versatility. They seamlessly adapt to different power sources, from conventional electrical grids to sustainable renewable energy systems. This compatibility supports the use of sustainable and eco-friendly EV charging practices. They are also innately compatible with offerings from all OEMs, making them a versatile and invaluable solution within the broader EV ecosystem.

Overall, Bolt.Earth’s EV charging solutions are transforming EV ownership by enabling users to conveniently charge at any Bolt.Earth station and its partnering stations, without worrying about compatible chargers or standards. User-friendly interfaces make for a hassle-free EV charging experience, while the fast EV charging capabilities minimize wait times. Comprehensive safety measures are integrated to guarantee a secure and worry-free EV charging experience as well. Moreover, these products exhibit agility and scalability to align with emerging trends in renewable energy.

Virtual Reality Experience

Bolt.Earth is excited to offer EICMA attendees the opportunity to experience the practical applications of Bolt.Earth OS in immersive VR. Visitors to participating EICMA stalls can try out VR headsets to gain a firsthand understanding of Bolt.Earth OS’ user-friendly interface and advanced functionalities, making the technology accessible to everyone.

By using the VR headsets, users can get a preview of enjoying the ultimate riding experience with Bolt.Earth, and envision their own role in a greener future. They can see how Bolt.Earth EV charging points work, and how Bolt.Earth OS clusters integrate with electric 2-wheelers. In particular, the VR experience showcases Bolt.Earth OS notifications about navigation, battery level, receiving a call, and other essential information.

This VR experience isn't limited to potential users; it's a valuable resource for partners and stakeholders as well. It effectively showcases the functionalities, user interface, and advantages of Bolt.Earth's integrated OS solutions in an immersive experience, helping OEMs gain a deeper appreciation of their technology and potential to transform the global EV industry.

The Bigger Picture: Bolt.Earth’s Global Expansion Strategies

Not only is Bolt.Earth poised to make an exciting splash at EICMA, it has diligently laid the groundwork for successful global progress. Bolt.Earth fully understands and is prepared to address the intricate interoperability challenges inherent in the expansion of the international EV ecosystem. Bolt.Earth’s versatile, multi-compatible offerings play a crucial role in resolving these challenges. To promote their adoption, Bolt.Earth is forging strategic partnerships with local stakeholders and industry leaders to accelerate successful market entry and expansion.

The following key initiatives are also boosting Bolt.Earth’s global footprint.

 Infographic illustrating detailing Bolt.Earth's global expansion strategies

Regulatory Navigation and Compliance

Navigating international regulations can be tricky. To address this challenge, Bolt.Earth has established a dedicated team proficient in monitoring and adapting to evolving legal frameworks worldwide. This team ensures that Bolt.Earth's products are up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes and compliance requirements.

Moreover, Bolt.Earth proactively engages with local authorities, industry associations, and regulatory bodies to ensure compliance while providing inputs to standardize and streamline regulatory processes.

Technological Adaptation and Innovation

In tandem with navigating compliance, Bolt.Earth is also investing heavily in research and development to cultivate an adaptable tech ecosystem capable of integrating with various EV models and infrastructure specifications. Recently, the company raised $20 million in funding to support expanding Bolt.Earth worldwide.

Bolt.Earth is also developing cutting-edge smart EV charging technologies, apps, and speedometer clusters that excel in both efficiency and interoperability with diverse EV models and mobility landscapes. A strong emphasis is placed on creating user-friendly interfaces that enhance owners’ and drivers’ overall EV experience. Above all, Bolt.Earth takes a need-driven approach to ensure its technology remains relevant and valuable to users globally.

Market-Specific Customization

A key aspect of Bolt.Earth’s global expansion strategy is its ability to customize existing products to cater to regional preferences and demands. Most notably, by providing a versatile range of OS speedometers compatible with both lower-cost and premium 2-wheelers, Bolt.Earth enables OEMs to serve every consumer segment. On the EV charging side, Bolt.Earth is working to strategically provide convenient and efficient solutions so that on-the-go EV users, residential consumers, businesses, and fleets can all transition smoothly to electric mobility.

This dedicated focus on market-specific customization reduces entry barriers, allowing EV OEMs to swiftly enter new markets and provide convenient, accessible, and efficient electric 2-wheeler solutions to every customer.

In all, Bolt.Earth's multipronged approach to global expansion includes adherence to local and national regulations in different countries, investments in research and development, and a steadfast focus on market-specific customization. These collective efforts position Bolt.Earth to leave a lasting impact on the global EV market.

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Bolt.Earth’s Expanding Map

Bolt.Earth has made progress towards establishing a robust and user-friendly EV ecosystem in promising international markets. Notably, regions like Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia hold significant potential for EV adoption, but face challenges such as gaps in EV charging infrastructure. Bolt.Earth’s global presence has expanded to these countries to lower barriers to EV adoption. At EICMA, Bolt.Earth looks forward to introducing its offerings to potential partners beyond the Asian shores.

Specifically, Bolt.Earth is focusing on deploying smart EV charging technologies in international markets. These technologies optimize the EV charging network. EV owners can benefit from Bolt.Earth's advanced EV charging features like remote EV charging management, dynamic pricing, and load balancing, all of which can make the EV charging process convenient and cost-effective.

Bolt.Earth is also collaborating with local power grids to establish a seamless and reliable EV charging network. This integration ensures that the EV charging infrastructure functions with existing power sources to prevent grid congestion. In turn, this integration will strengthen the stability and reliability of power grids and will build confidence in the minds of EV owners. Additionally, Bolt.Earth is actively including renewable energy sources in the EV charging infrastructure. This expansion reduces the carbon footprint and contributes to a more sustainable future.

These efforts in select international markets reflect Bolt.Earth's vision to establish an efficient, sustainable, and user-friendly EV charging network. Throughout this process, Bolt.Earth is cultivating new opportunities for partnerships and collaborations with various stakeholders across the global EV market.

Looking Ahead at EICMA: Global Expansion Opportunities

Bolt.Earth’s global presence is creating a transformative opportunity for OEMs worldwide as the company showcases the immense potential of its well-curated tech ecosystem for EV 2-wheelers to widen adoption and increase access to sustainable EV charging infrastructure. By attending EICMA, Bolt.Earth will advance its goals by taking its place within the international 2-wheeler industry. Infographic showcasing Bolt.Earth's vision for global expansion opportunities

Revenue Acceleration through Global Outreach

International expos like EICMA provide a way to accelerate growth and revenue for both exhibitors and attendees. These events allow all stakeholders to ride the EV wave and contribute to positive change within their respective countries. OEMs, third-party app developers, and other players in the EV ecosystem can partner with Bolt.Earth to tap into a growing two-wheeler customer base.

Spearheading Technological Advancements on the Global Stage

With a wide range of EV charging solutions, a comprehensive app, and a universal OS, Bolt.Earth is emerging as a global player in the overall EV tech space. More specifically, its commitment to research and development and its 2W offerings are rapidly establishing it within the European 2-wheeler market. As Bolt.Earth plans to demonstrate at EICMA, such initiatives are spearheading the future of sustainable transportation solutions.

Driving Positive Ecosystem Transformation

As Bolt.Earth goes global with its sustainable EV charging solutions, it is bringing about substantial environmental benefits. Its presence at EICMA and other international expos helps raise awareness about 2Ws’ place within the holistic EV ecosystem. Through these efforts, Bolt.Earth is driving a positive transformation in the way the world thinks about transportation.

In all, Bolt.Earth is contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for all through its initiatives in EV charging.

In Conclusion

Bolt.Earth is moving forward with one approach: to change how people perceive EVs. Through the establishment of an inclusive ecosystem, they are not merely promoting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, but also establishing a worldwide standard for software-defined EVs. Bolt.Earth’s mission goes beyond the concept of "Make in India" — it's about "Innovate in India and Craft for the Entire World."

Join Bolt.Earth at EICMA to experience cutting-edge tech trends for EV 2-wheelers!

Booth C-49 | Hall 14 & Booth I-05 | Hall 22, Rho Fiera Milano Exhibition Centre, Milan | 7th – 12th November

To learn more about Bolt.Earth’s international roadmap, please see the FAQ and Resources below.


How will international partnerships enable Bolt.Earth to accelerate e-mobility goals on a global level?

By forging partnerships with EV stakeholders worldwide, Bolt.Earth's international team can not only expand the company’s presence, but also gain further insight into, and ensure alignment with, the values and needs of diverse markets. As a result, Bolt.Earth will be able to optimize its strategic offerings to most efficiently and effectively support every aspect of the emerging global EV ecosystem.

What is the significance of Bolt.Earth's global journey for its future growth?

Bolt.Earth's global journey is significant as it enables access to new markets, promotes partnerships, and positions the company as a leader in sustainable EV charging solutions. International expansion contributes to revenue diversification and accelerates the adoption of eco-friendly mobility, further solidifying Bolt.Earth's presence in the evolving global landscape of electric transportation.

How does Bolt.Earth inculcate innovation and adaptability in its global expansion strategies?

Bolt.Earth boosts innovation and adaptability through investments in research and development, creating smart EV charging solutions, and establishing strategic partnerships with local stakeholders. These initiatives allow Bolt.Earth to tailor its offerings to diverse markets, promoting the adoption of sustainable transportation solutions on a global scale.

What cross-border partnership models does Bolt.Earth explore for global expansion?

Bolt.Earth explores joint ventures, licensing agreements, and strategic alliances for global expansion. Joint ventures involve shared ownership and management of operations, allowing for local expertise. Licensing agreements grant the use of Bolt.Earth's technology to foreign partners. Strategic alliances entail collaboration with industry leaders and local stakeholders, leveraging their knowledge and networks.


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