Charger Management System (CMS)

Bolt.Earth's CMS showcases our commitment to superior EV experiences. Our cloud-powered platform offers a one-stop solution for charging network operators, enabling remote monitoring and control. With diagnostics, bookings, payments, and maintenance, deliver a seamless, hassle-free charging experience. Experience the future of EV charging with our centralized solutions for convenience and business growth!

Charger Management System

About Bolt.Earth CMS


Our CMS revolutionizes EV adoption by simplifying charging infrastructure.

  • Our cloud-driven technology provides real-time data and remote monitoring, benefiting hub owners, fleet operators, and RWA managers.
  • Seamless stakeholder communication fosters win-win outcomes.
  • Advanced analytics maximise charger revenue, while automated diagnostics prevent downtime, ensuring a seamless, uninterrupted EV charging experience.

Bolt.Earth’s EV Charger Management Solutions

Charger Management Solutions
  • Bolt.Earth's advanced CMS drives the green mobility revolution, integrating charger monitoring, booking, secure payment, and accounting.
  • Flexible pricing, including hourly or power-based options streamlines transactions.
  • Continuous OTA updates maintain charger excellence.
  • Booking logs offer performance insights for efficiency.
  • Robust analytics on KPI metrics optimize charger performance and business expansion. Experience convenience with Bolt.Earth CMS, shaping the future of EV charging!

Bolt.Earth CMS Features

User Management

User Management

  • Manage shared spaces by creating closed groups, mapping your users to specific chargers.
  • Provide flexible pricing options, effortlessly handle bookings, and securely deposit refunds directly into customers’ virtual wallets.
Revenue Tools

Revenue Tools

  • Leverage our smart accounting tools to configure monetary sharing per charger on an overall revenue, net profit, or per transaction basis.
  • With our extensive user transaction records, you can track and maximise your profits by gaining insight into your customers’ needs.
Flexible Network

Flexible Network

  • Scale up your network and attract more customers by seamlessly integrating Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) chargers.
  • Bolt.Earth CMS gives you the flexibility to expand your business, no matter what your specific situation or needs may be.
Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

  • Bolt.Earth CMS provides in-depth real-time and historical data about bookings, charger performance, and much more, all in one convenient location.
  • Forecast charging demand, optimize network efficiency, and empower yourself to make data-driven decisions.

Advantages of Bolt.Earth CMS

Modular Functionality
1.Modular Functionality

Streamline your day-to-day charging operations, and maximize your revenue! Bolt.Earth’s CMS takes care of all your charging management needs, from booking and diagnostics to transactions and reporting.

Remote Maintenance
2.Remote Maintenance

Monitor and troubleshoot your chargers’ performance, all in one place. With Bolt.Earth CMS, you can avoid costly repairs and minimize downtime by proactively stopping problems before they start.

Intuitive Interface
3.Intuitive Interface

Our user-friendly CMS will meet you wherever you are in your EV journey. We’ve optimized the design for ease of use, so you can skip the learning curve and focus on expanding your business.

OTA Updates
4.OTA Updates

Keep your chargers running smoothly by effortlessly pushing OTA firmware updates, right from the CMS. With no ground support needed, you can save time and effort, and eliminate charging disruptions.

Streamlined Communication
5.Streamlined Communication

Bolt.Earth CMS is designed to facilitate communication between internal stakeholders. Share information, handle action items, and streamline your charger setup and management processes, all in one centralized location!

Crud Controls
6.Crud Controls

Bolt.Earth’s crud controls is a user-friendly software feature that simplifies the management of create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations within a database or application enabling efficient data-handling, enhancing user productivity, and ensuring data integrity.

Reimagine EV Charging with the Bolt.Earth Ecosystem

EV charging with ecosystem
  • Our CMS is a key component of the game-changing Bolt.Earth ecosystem.
  • We are working to promote and facilitate EV adoption by crafting a complete, immersive EV experience, featuring cutting-edge Bolt.Earth OS-based software and hardware.
  • Whether you're a dealer seeking bundled solutions, an OEM streamlining your operations, a fleet manager expanding your business, or an individual user exploring passive income opportunities, Bolt.Earth is here to partner with you.
  • We support every aspect of your EV journey, from ingenious analytics tools to multi-compatible chargers. Together, we can bring the change our world needs, and leave behind a greener, safer, and cleaner planet for future generations.

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