Our Story

Bolt.Earth was founded in 2017 by Mohit Yadav and Jyotiranjan Harichandan with the aim of making EVs more accessible to everyone.

At Bolt.Earth, we want to help emerging markets fulfill the unique needs of EV ecosystems with higher densities of 2 and 3-wheeled EVs. We also aim to address the challenges associated with little or poor-quality infrastructure. To do that, we’ve created the world’s largest EV charging infrastructure and an advanced OS for electric vehicles, tailored for these markets.

We’re truly making EVs smart, safe, and connected.

Bolt.Earth (formerly REVOS) Is Founded
Bolt.Earth started its march towards a cleaner, greener future in 2017.

We recognized how badly India needed cost-effective infrastructure to adopt EVs. Our goal was to create an infrastructure that can grow organically to bring a positive change.

We began creating connected devices with the Internet of Things (IoT), and our initial offering grew widely popular. This allowed us to establish partnerships and from there we changed our brand name from REVOS to Bolt.Earth.Illustration

The Beginnings of the Bolt.Earth Charging Network
2018 was the year when we successfully built a smart, reliable, and accessible charging network. We were able to create well-considered offerings that allowed us to position our technology towards individuals.

We also managed to reduce the entry point to our technology, providing individuals with convenient residential charging. To do this, we grew the business and scaled our manufacturing and distribution operations. This year, we went on to launch India’s first peer-to-peer EV charging network.

We released the Bolt.Earth mobile app that enables owners to generate a passive income from their charging solution. This gave people the power to simply scan-pay-charge and generate a passive income.Illustration

Establishing E-Mobility across India
In 2019, Bolt.Earth made significant progress in the global EV market, collaborating closely with partners in China and other South-east Asian countries. We laid the groundwork for our multi-support OS by integrating controllers and speedometers.

The year saw the introduction of the monochrome and segmented blue display speedometers. By the end of 2019, we successfully launched the monochrome speedometer with Batt:RE and established important partnerships with Sun mobility and mirakle5. These achievements solidified our position as a leading player in the EV industry.Illustration

Bolt.Earth Becomes India's Largest Charging Network
We proudly launched our first EV equipped with the groundbreaking Bolt.Earth OS, a testament to our commitment to building a solid EV software stack. This marked a crucial milestone in our mission to revolutionize E-mobility in India. Furthermore, we emerged as the largest charging network across the nation, establishing a solid foundation to support the growing adoption of electric vehicles.Illustration

Bolt.Earth Empowering the E-mobility Transition
This year was a game changer for us. We introduced the Re 1 campaign, an initiative designed to incentivize individuals and businesses to embrace EV charging at home and in public areas. This helped in building substantial growth for EV charging across the country. As part of this campaign, we also deployed the Bolt.Earth OS in over 10,000 EVs, equipping more users with smarter features for their EVs. This strategic move played a pivotal role in accelerating EV adoption in the country.Illustration

Expanding EV Infrastructure Nationwide
In 2022, we installed over 20,000 charging points in more than 500 cities, creating a robust network within India to cater to the increasing demand for electric vehicles. Alongside this infrastructure growth, we dispensed an impressive 500 megawatt-hours (MWh) of energy, providing efficient and accessible charging solutions to EV owners.

These accomplishments were complemented by the rapid growth of our user base, surpassing 100K+ app users and solidifying our position as a leader in the EV sector.Illustration

Making headway towards a future-proof EV Ecosystem
This year, we’ve started off with changing our name from BOLT to Bolt.Earth. 2023 proves to be a year of further expansion and progress for us. We’ve extended our charging network to over 30,000 chargers across India and dispensing 1000MWh of energy, enhancing accessibility for EV owners and eradicating range anxiety issues.

On top of that, we’ve dispensed 1000 MWh of energy, enabling EV users to power their vehicles with ease and safety. These accomplishments reflect our future vision - shaping a cleaner, greener future for mobility.Illustration

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