Bolt.Earth Operating System (OS)

Bolt.Earth offers a complete set of go-to-market solutions that you can easily integrate into your EV manufacturing processes. Our blueprints offer features our competitors don't provide to help you create the most seamless experiences and deliver Smart EVs.

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About Bolt.Earth Operating System (OS)

Bolt.Earth OS embedded smart speedometer clusters
    Monitor and control various EV components, including:
  • The Battery Management System (BMS),
  • controller, motor, and vehicle peripherals,
    like seat locks, indicators, lights, and others.
Bolt.Earth OS is a connected platform technology
    Help OEMs & distributors to:
  • Develop companion apps for EVs,
  • Stream EV user data to the cloud,
  • Manage their vehicle sales, status, and service, with a Vehicle Management System (VMS),
  • Effectively optimize fleet operations with a Fleet Management System (FMS)
  • Develop, operate and monitor their charging network.

Make Your EV Regulatory Compliant

Add Bolt.Earth OS embedded clusters to your EVs to ensure all the components of your EV can communicate and alert users as per AIS 156 regulations in India.

Benefit From Integrated Fleet Solutions

Integrated One-App Solution for Fleet Management and EV Charging and services. Manage your fleet charging conveniently. Keep your EVs moving. Improve revenue. Upgrade and Scale your fleets with Bolt.Earth-enabled IOT trackers and Fleet Management Service.

Unmatched Integration Compatibility

Bolt.Earth OS products and services are compatible with RS485, One wire, and CAN2.O Communication protocols. Plug-n-Play integration compatibility with all leading EV variants, BMS controllers and manufacturers.

Access IoT Chargers

Create your own Bolt.Earth IoT-enabled smart charger solutions to improve UX. Offer smart, safe and cost-effective charging solutions for all types of EV with Bolt charging points and a charger management system (CMS) for monitoring the health of your chargers. Discover, book, and charge anywhere, anytime with the extended Bolt charging network.

Connect to Smart Mobile Applications

Use our developer-made applications to allow users to access monitoring and diagnostics data on their smartphones with an EV companion app.

Regular OTA Updates

OTA-Over-The-Air updates for new features and firmware upgrades, with troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Convenient Vehicle Management with Bolt.Earth VMS

OEM and Distributors can automate EV Sales Management with the Bolt.Earth Vehicle Management System (VMS), which offers a complete dashboard to track sales, customer complaints and so on.

EV Operating System Benefits

Augment Your EV's Features


IP65-certified endurance for all weather conditions

App-integrated turn-by-turn navigation and speedometer with voice assist

Improved visibility with “follow me” headlamp for clear walkway visibility at night

Geo-fenced ride territory for safe driving

Controlled speed limits with built-in speed lock

Next-level safety with SOS alerts for emergency contact

Advanced security with anti-theft notification

Intelligent voice-enabled digital assistance

Keyless vehicle control with in-app turn ON/OFF controls

Controlled battery health with SOC & SOR diagnostics

Real-time smart alerts and vehicle diagnostics monitoring

Customized EV performance with vehicle parameter tuning

Enhanced music play controls with Spotify or YouTube Music sync and display notifications

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Safe, Smart, and Simple!

Surge protection

Power theft protection

Auto cut-off

Compatible with all EVs

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