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EICMA stands as a renowned automotive expo with a focus on motorcycles, scooters and various accessories. This grand event brings together industry pioneers, avid enthusiasts, and forward-thinking individuals from across the globe.

Join us at Booth C-49 | Hall 14 & Booth I-05 | Hall 22 Rho Fiera Milano Exhibition Centre, Milan between 7th – 12th November to witness the latest tech trends for 2 wheelers.


Discover Our Complete EV Tech Ecosystem

Bolt.Earth Ecosystem

At EICMA 2023, we are proud to showcase our complete EV operating stack, including a robust Operating System, ready-to-use Cloud Solutions, Smart Speedometers, ready-to-use Digital Apps, OEM and fleet management dashboards, integrated marketplace solutions, and our versatile suite of EV Charging Products.

Designed to revolutionize how you interact with 2-wheeler EVs, our tech suite enhances EV performance, safety, and connectivity, and makes EVs interoperable, enabling a true software-defined experience.

Product Showcase

Explore our versatile suite of products at EICMA, Milan's omnipresent peer-to-peer EV charging network ensures seamless access to charging stations for EV owners. Our comprehensive range of charging devices sweeps away barriers to EV ownership - by catering to every vehicle type and need. With our user-friendly applications, EV users can easily and securely locate, book, and pay for charging stations.

Bolt.Earth LITE
Bolt.Earth LITE

  • Power & Voltage Surge Protection
  • IOT-enabled charger: Locate, Scan, Charge
  • Track energy consumption via charging app
  • BLE/Wi-Fi/4G Connectivity & OTA support
Bolt.Earth Blaze AC
Bolt.Earth Blaze AC

  • Wireless Energy Metering
  • Intuitive Charger status and Energy Display
  • IOT-enabled charger: Locate, Scan, Charge
  • IP65 water resistant
  • Comes with Gun holder
Bolt.Earth Blaze DC
Bolt.Earth Blaze DC

  • Fast Charge 50km range in just 30 minutes
  • IOT-enabled charger: Locate, Scan, Charge
  • Track energy consumption via charging app
  • Customizable and scalable, supports CAN-enabled connectors up to 12kW
  • IEC61851-6 Compliant

VR Experience

Bolt.Earth VR Experience

VR Experience

Step into the future of EVs with Bolt.Earth OS, where reality meets innovation through a captivating VR experience. Our OS enables an environment that makes EVs holistic, interconnected, and user-centric. We’re truly powering electric mobility. Join us at Rho Fiera Milano Exhibition Centre, Milan, Italy between 7th – 12th November and experience it for yourself!

Bolt Earth App Preview

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