Bolt.Earth Solutions For Businesses

Bolt.Earth EV ecosystem solutions are making significant inroads in emerging EV markets across Asia. Keep your business ahead of the competition with our world-class solutions.

Bolt.Earth Solutions For OEMs, Dealers, and Fleets

Bolt.Earth has built the largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network, with solutions for every type of business in the ecosystem. Our team of EV experts have the tech know-how to make EVs smarter while also offering the most seamless charging experience, covering EV charging inside and out. Bolt.Earth is the right solution for your business to keep your EV customers, employees, visitors, residents and partners happy.

EV Makers & OEMS
Auto Dealers
Fleet Operators

EV Makers & OEMS

Bolt.Earth targets 2- and 3-wheel charging scenarios for emerging markets and maximizes adoption with its low entry point per unit. Combine Bolt.Earth with your EV offerings for added value on all your sales.

  • Reduce the barrer to sale for customers
  • Gain customers from competitors who don't offer a daily charging solution
  • Increase your market share by improving consumer quality of care
  • Offer a popular bundle deal to add value to sales
  • Align your products with an established 33,000+ charging network
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Bolt.Earth Solutions For Real Estate

Get sitewide planning and evaluation consultation with Bolt.Earth, and install charging points on your premises. Our centralized management system (CMS) also lets you monitor the health of your charging points. You can even use the Bolt.Earth app to handle all charging bookings and payment transfers.

Apartment Complex RWAs
Commercial Buildings or Workspaces
New Construction Projects
Parking Operators & Facility Management
Schools & College Campuses
Hospitality & Retail
Highway Fast Charging

Apartment Complex RWAs

Install Bolt.Earth EV charging points to increase your profits. Bolt.Earth will also help your resident welfare association reduce pollution and improve tenants' lives.

  • Attract high-value residents and retain them with convenient EV charging that meets their needs
  • Increase rent knowing you've improved living conditions for residents
  • Generate passive income from your existing car lots
  • Enhance your property's value by offering favorable amenities
  • Meet emerging regulatory requirements on providing EV charging in larger parking lots
  • Install charging points using government incentives to pay for them
  • Gain access to free professional planning and commercial 24/7 support
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Bolt.Earth Solutions For Government Agencies

Create a Greener Community With a Progressive Agenda. Why Should You Reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions and Encourage EV Adoption?

Discover Solutions for City & Municipal Entities
Discover Solutions for State & Central Entities

Discover Solutions for City & Municipal Entities

Respond to the needs of EV drivers and prepare for the future as e-mobility becomes the standard means of private transport. Provide accessible EV charging throughout your community and reinforce your green credentials for voters.

  • Get help with installing charging points, installation, and a centralized management system (CMS)
  • Generate green goodwill with the public and government staff
  • Use robust, real-time analytics to track objectives and network health and fulfill audit requirements
  • Reduce pollution and create a better environment
  • Get 24/7 support from EV infrastructure specialists
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