Solutions for EV Makers

Why Should EV Makers Partner With Bolt.Earth to Enhance Their EV Offerings?

Buyers want to conveniently charge their EVs overnight. Install Bolt.Earth’s charging solution to increase the value of sales!

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Bolt.Earth Driver Experience Service

Give Drivers Access to an Integrated EV User Experience.
Why Should OEMs Work With Bolt.Earth To Produce On-the-Go Charging for Their Drivers?

  • Build a charging App

    Add Bolt.Earth solutions to your applications using APK and SDK development tools.

  • Accelerate the Shift to Electric Vehicles

    Reduce EV adoption barriers by giving your customers everything they need.

  • Explore Bolt.Earth’s API

    Decrease your time-to-market using Bolt.Earth APIs and SDKs to build the next generation of EV solutions.

  • Leverage Bolt.Earth's Established 33,000+ EV Charging Network

    Integrate Bolt.Earth software into your solutions so users can leverage 33,000+ EV charging devices.

  • Give Drivers Access to 24/7 Bolt.Earth Support

    Ensure your drivers have 24/7 access to Bolt.Earth Support to avoid unnecessary delays.

  • Integrate Bolt.Earth Companion Application Features

    Give users helpful features like navigation, vehicle diagnostics, and keyless control!

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EV User Experience

In-Vehicle Experience Units for 2-Wheelers

Give 2-Wheeler EV Users a Better Ride Experience.
Why Should OEMs Work With Bolt.Earth To Integrate Advanced Bolt.Earth OS-Enabled Speedometer Clusters and GPS Trackers?

  • Remain Smart, Safe, and Connected

    Make your EVs a higher-value proposition through smart, safe, and connected feature integration.

  • Stay Within the Law With Bolt.Earth's Robust API Speedometer

    Provide a clear digital display for your 2-wheeler and enable alert notifications to be pushed to your helmet.

  • Use Bolt.Earth With Many Types of EVs

    Use Bolt.Earth’s plug-n-play feature, which works with all leading EV technology and BMS controllers.

  • Ensure Support for Popular Communication Protocols

    Use compatible RS-485, 1-Wire, and CAN2.0 communication protocols.

  • Install Over-the-Air Updates

    Install over-the-air updates for new features and firmware with troubleshooting and diagnostics.

  • Gain Immunity against Adverse Weather Conditions

    Ensure endurance with IP65 certification for all weather conditions.

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Vehicle Experience Units for 2-Wheelers

Bolt.Earth Home Charging Points

Charge Your EV Daily at Home.
Why Not Add Value and Improve Your Margin by Bundling a Home EV Charging Solution With Your Offerings?

  • Ensure Drivers Can Charge Their New Purchase

    Reduce sales barriers and give your customers a way to charge their EVs from the outset.

  • Improve Your Sales Margin

    Bundle a high-quality, high-value EV charging point during the sale to improve your sales margin.

  • Offer Installation With Bolt.Earth

    Add value by providing an installation service so customers can start charging immediately.

  • Connect Customers to Bolt.Earth Support

    Ensure customers can quickly solve any issues with round-the-clock customer support.

  • Elevate the Buying Experience

    Close more sales by offering a 360-degree solution with Bolt.Earth’s charger and support.

  • Diversify Sales

    Diversify income generation by selling Bolt.Earth products and services directly to customers anytime.

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Home EV Charging Points

Bolt.Earth Charger Management System (CMS) and Vehicle Management System (VMS)

Optimize Your Profitability Automatically.
Why Should You Use a Centralized Real-Time Data-driven Dashboard?

  • Charge EVs Less Often

    Use real-time CMS data from customer charging to plan future fleet charging to optimize charging capacity.

  • Adjust Peak-Hour Prices

    Adjust prices centrally on the CMS to cater to charger demand and increase revenue.

  • Automate User Transactions and Billing

    Get paid automatically with users charged as soon as they finish charging.

  • Manage Energy Intelligently

    Allow network operators to limit charging station availability when power is limited.

  • Use Secure Enterprise Transactions

    Provide enterprises with a secure way to get paid with an integrated CMS payment solution.

  • Intelligent Infrastructure

    Receive issue alerts and conduct self-recovery operations with automated diagnostics.

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Charger Management System

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