Solutions for Real Estate Apartment Complex RWAs

Attract Residents and Increase Your Property Value by Providing High-Quality EV Charging.
Why Should Property Managers Install Bolt.Earth Charging Points for Residences or the General Public?

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Bolt.Earth's End-to-End Real Estate Solution

Plan and Implement an Effective EV Charging Solution.
Interested in Understanding the Consultation Process?

  • Site Planning

    Bolt.Earth’s enterprise solution specialists assess your site and plan everything you need.

  • EV Charging Stations

    Bolt.Earth specialists work closely with you to discuss your real estate needs.

  • Preferred Partner Installation

    Bolt.Earth’s preferred partners install the agreed charging solution.

  • Central EV Charging and Payment Control

    Bolt.Earth’s CMS allows you to centrally track and control your charging points and orchestrate payment transfers.

  • Passive Income Generation

    Bolt.Earth’s charging network allows you to generate passive income from your tenants or visitors.

  • Commercial Support

    Bolt.Earth’s commercial 24/7 support provides round-the-clock assistance.

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Real Estate EV Charging Solution

Bolt.Earth Charging Points for RWAs and Rental Apartments

Increase Revenue from Your Residential Parking.
Why Should You Add EV Charge Points to Your Residential Parking?

  • Improve Tenant Quality

    Get high-value tenants to reduce maintenance costs.

  • Maximize Profitability

    Reduce tenant turnover with value-added EV charging points.

  • Reduce Noise

    Minimize noise by allowing residents to replace their vehicles with EVs.

  • Benefit From Governmental Incentives

    Use governmental incentives to pay for residential EV charging point installation costs.

  • Access Bolt.Earth Service

    Consult with Bolt.Earth Service to assess your needs and action solutions for your properties.

  • Get Commercial Support

    Ensure your charging points work as intended with Bolt.Earth’s 24/7 commercial support.

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Charging Points for RWAs

Bolt.Earth's Charger Management System

Manage Your Entire EV Charging Stations Centrally.
How Can You Streamline Your Charging Using a Charger Management System?

  • Streamline Your Charging Operations

    Centralize viability and control over your charging solution. Reduce monitoring and maintenance.

  • Maintain Performance

    Manage chargers to ensure users always use chargers with sufficient power supply to quick-charge.

  • Transact With Ease

    Automate bookings and transactions centrally with Bolt.Earth’s Charger Management System.

  • Get Real-time Centralized Analytics

    Check your charging solution and how well you’re generating passive income anytime.

  • Automate Tariff Control

    Get the price you want for the demand on the system through automatic tariff control.

  • Get Autonomous Maintenance

    Receive alerts when your system goes offline. Know when you need to take action.

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Charger Management System

Bolt.Earth RWA/Apartment Charging Installation Services

Bolt.Earth Service Makes It Easy To Install an EV Charging Solution on Your Premises.
Why Should You Use Bolt.Earth Service for Your Installation Planning and Implementation?

  • Bolt.Earth Service Consultation

    Bolt.Earth offers a professional planning and implementation consultation. Get the best EV charging solution.

  • Professional Planning

    Bolt.Earth’s enterprise professionals determine your EV charging needs and plan what you need.

  • Preferred Partners

    Bolt.Earth’s preferred partners implement the supply and installation of your charging solution.

  • Proper Installation

    Bolt.Earth gives you the necessary support. Never worry about your Bolt.Earth solution not working properly.

  • Revenue Optimization

    Bolt.Earth’s professional installation ensures efficient charging while getting the profit you desire.

  • Building Inspections

    Bolt.Earth’s preferred local partners ensure you pass building inspections with the known standards.

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