Explore Bolt.Earth’s portfolio for City and Municipal Entities


End-to-End City and Municipal Drive

Transition to EV Fleets and add charging points to showcase a sustainable agenda..

  • Endorse Your Sustainable Agenda

    Sustainability is easy with EV charging, showing stakeholders your views about the environment.

  • Reduce Fleet Overheads

    Fleet vehicles go thousands of miles over their lifetime. EVs keep operational costs low.

  • Manage Everything Centrally

    Fleet charging can be orchestrated from a centralized app. Plan ranges and charge cycles with ease.

  • Reduce Maintenance Activities

    Automatic reset enables chargers that have gone offline to be reestablished remotely.

  • Manage Capacity

    Charging points can be turned off to maximize charging speeds when power sources are limited.

  • Streamline Transactions

    The payment solution is fully integrated using Bolt.Earth’s centralized management system.

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Explore Bolt.Earth’s Charging Portfolio

Install popular cost-effective charging points.
Redefine experience of charging with our holistic chargers made for all vehicle types.

  • Established Charging Technology

    Advocate the best for your community by leveraging India's largest charging community as over 50% of India's EV charging points are Bolt.Earth.

  • Cost-Effective Charging

    Connect Bolt.Earth chargers to standard electrical supplies, making installation cost-effective and seamless.

  • Easy Installation & Activation

    Install charging points using a non-commercial power supply only requiring a certified electrician.

  • Integrated Booking and Payment Tools

    Offer chargers to the public during the day and charge your fleet at night using booking/payment tools.

  • Automated Tariff Control

    Define a premium for peak charging times and concessions to entice users to wait for cheaper hours.

  • Specialized Commercial Tier Support

    Access to Bolt.Earth's 24/7 commercial support allowing users to keep going with a hassle-free experience.

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Bolt.Earth’s Charger Management System (CMS)

Harness centralized monitoring and reporting at all times..

  • Automated Recovery

    Get the system online automatically with the help of the CMS if a charger is offline.

  • Bolt.Earth's Management

    Assess the status of your charging devices from a centralized management application.

  • Audits and Reporting

    Use the reporting feature and real-time data to generate audit reports and public reporting.

  • Streamlined Maintenance

    Streamline maintenance by always having access to charging point metrics and online status.

  • Distribute Power

    Ensure users charge efficiently with automatic power distribution re-routing when power is limited.

  • Understand Demand

    Find your peak times to allow the public to book charging stations when you are not using them.

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Bolt.Earth’s Charger Installation Services

Get professional consultation and installation..

  • Professional Consultation

    Bolt.Earth's service provides professional consultation and site visits to assess your needs.

  • Optimized Installation

    Bolt.Earth calculates precisely what you need based on the consultation and provides an installation plan.

  • Professional Installation

    Bolt.Earth's preferred partners professionally install your charging solution to ensure efficient charging.

  • Convenient Onsite Training

    Bolt.Earth provides onsite training for key staff members to help administration.

  • Simple Hardware Availability

    Bolt.Earth has distribution and specialists in each region it operates in, helping to keep you running.

  • Professional Commercial Support

    Gain access to commercial 24/7 support to keep your users driving.

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