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Find out how Bolt.Earth is disrupting industries across the EV marketspace and why you should get on onboard. Below are some key industrial use cases and featured benefits for clients.

ev solution for ev makers

Solutions for EV Makers

Provide high-value point-of-sale bundles to improve dealership sales margins and sell more EVs.

Increase the dealerships you supply

Empower dealerships to generate larger margins

Use regional sales support

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ev solutions for auto dealerships

Solutions for Auto-Dealerships

Create high-value bundles to improve sales margins and offer post-sales support through local support specialists.

Improve sales margins

Reduce barriers to EV sales

Retain your customers with after-sales support

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EV for fleet operators

For Fleet Operators

Expand your EV fleets as your business grows with Bolt.Earth’s easy-to-scale infrastructure.

Install modular charging points with ease

Monitor your charging capacity remotely

Create audit reports to meet business needs

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ev solutions for apartment

Solutions for Apartment Complex RWAs

Add value for your tenants and improve your properties’ resale price.

Attract high-value tenants

Justify rent increases

Generate a passive income

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ev for commercial building

Solutions for Commercial Buildings

Show visitors that you’re meeting your sustainable obligations with Bolt.Earth charging points in your parking lot.

Attract visitors by offering charge points

Keep visitors for longer as they charge

Generate an additional revenue stream

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ev solution for new construction

Solutions for New Construction

Add value to new builds by adding what customers want: EV charging points for their vehicles.

Increase property value

Generate income from support contracts

Mitigate sales barriers

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ev solution for parking

Solutions for Parking

Comply with regulatory requirements, and offer EV charging to keep up with the increase in EV car sales.

Attract EV drivers to your parking lots

Create additional revenue

Manage charging points remotely

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ev solution for schools

Solutions for Schools

Allow your staff and parents to charge their vehicles and generate passive income to buy supplies.

Increase your school’s green credentials

Manage charging points centrally

Improve visibility of sustainable practices

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ev solution for hospitality

Solutions for Hospitality

Allow your staff and visitors to charge their EVs and generate passive income from charging point usage.

Manage charging points centrally

Help visitors get home during stressful times

Improve your budget

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highway fast charging

Solutions for Highway Fast Charging

Establish an effective, low-cost, high-margin, fast-charging solution with Bolt.Earth.

Generate a passive income

Monitor and manage charging and tariffs remotely

Scale solutions with your business

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ev solution for municipal entities

Solutions for City and Municipal Entities

Create a higher standard of living and show your support for sustainable practices.

Generate audit reports centrally

Scale fleets and chargers as needed

Track charging remotely

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ev solution for state and central entities

Solutions for State and Central Entities

Support sustainability and implement Bolt.Earth charging solutions to win hearts and minds.

Scale with fleets and demand

Use centralized monitoring

Provide local commercial tier support

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ev solution for utilities

Solutions for Utilities

Use green fleets to save money on running and charging with Bolt.Earth’s on-premises chargers.

Monitor charging centrally

Create audit reports for all charging points

Manage fleet charging remotely

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