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Include Smart EV Charging in Your Construction Projects To Increase Your Profit Margin. Why Do You Need to Add EV Charging Points to New Builds?

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Bolt.Earth End-to-End Solution

Add EV Charging Points to Your New Builds To Generate Better Returns.
Why Should I Use Bolt.Earth's End-to-End Charging Point Solution?

  • Simple EV Charging

    Use Bolt.Earth to take care of everything, including planning, installation, and after-sales support.

  • Compliant Buildings

    Enable complete EV charging capabilities for your customers through companion mobile apps

  • Professional Installation

    Enable complete EV charging capabilities for your customers through companion mobile apps

  • Visible Property Managers

    Enable complete EV charging capabilities for your customers through companion mobile apps

  • Aligned Planning Team

    Find the best solution for the required margin with Bolt.Earth’s planning team.

  • Commercial 24/7 Support

    Receive 24/7 support for new builds to help residents get the best experience when entering the home.

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Bolt.Earth Charging Points for Construction

Optimize Your Construction Projects by Adding EV Charging Points.
Why Add Charging Points to Your New Builds?

  • Improve Quality of Life

    Sell new builds to buyers and tenants easily when air quality is better, and noise is lower.

  • Create a New Generation

    Find high-value buyers already using EVs, using government incentives that drive EV adoption.

  • Increase Functionality

    Add only valuable features to your new build to avoid impacting your bottom line.

  • Add Value to Community Services

    Add a premium to your services by using housing management companies.

  • Boost Property Value

    Future-proof your property’s sale price by installing modern features like EV charging.

  • Improve Refinancing Opportunities

    Add features during construction to improve your ability to renegotiate debt!

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Bolt.Earth Charger Management System (CMS)

Charge Management Systems Improve Service Offering Convenience.
How Are Charge Management Systems Improving Homeowner Convenience?

  • Improved Visibility

    Oversee your own EV charging solution or use a housing management company.

  • Effective Regulatory Compliance

    Meet new EV charging regulatory requirements and earn an effective passive income.

  • Improved Passive Revenue Stream

    Use the CMS automated tariff optimization to meet peak demand.

  • Efficient Payment Transfers

    Manage all payments and transfers through the Charge Management System.

  • Better High-Value Tenant Retention

    Monitor your charging capacity to retain high-value tenants and reduce your risk of property damage.

  • Valuable Technical Support

    Get access to 24/7 commercial tier technical support.

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Bolt.Earth Charging Installation Services

Professional Installation Ensures You’re Making Money.
How Does Professional Installation Maximize My Bottom Line?

  • Efficient Energy Transfer

    Install efficient charging devices professionally to maximize profits.

  • Additional Revenue Generation From Wasted Space

    Get Bolt.Earth installed near your parking to generate a passive income from wasted space.

  • No-Hassle Installation

    Install a complete charging solution easily with Bolt.Earth, from planning to support.

  • Centralized Monitoring

    Assess the health of your charging points with a centralized management application.

  • EV Regulatory Compliance

    Comply with new regulations that impact new builds without worrying about the details.

  • Preferred Partners

    Ensure you’re never far away from a Bolt.Earth-preferred partner to help keep you going.

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