Solutions for Commercial Buildings or Workspaces

Attract High-value Workers by Adding EV Charging Stations to Your Business.

Why Should You Invest in Commercial EV Charging Stations for Employees and Clients?

Solution 1

BOLT Service: End-to-End Solution for Site Planning, Installation, and Support

Get a Complete EV Charging Solution.

Why Should You Allow BOLT To Provide a Total EV Charging Solution?

Professional Installation

Maximize the quality and value of your properties through professional installation.

Profitable Installation During Construction

Add a charging solution with ease and reduced costs during the construction of a home.

Reduced Remedial Action

Reduce unnecessary remedial action after a home sale with professional installation.

Rapid Market Growth

Beat your competitors and add an overnight charging station for EVs to increase profits.

Centralized Charging Management System (CMS)

Use a centralized CMS to monitor and maintain your management-provided charging points.

Commercial Tier Support

Gain access to 24/7 commercial-level support.


Solution 2

BOLT Charging Points for Commercial Workspaces

Attract and Keep High-value Workers.

Why Should You Add a BOLT Charging Point To Your Commercial Workspace?

Reduce Staff Turnaround

Meet your staff’s needs to keep them content and reduce your staff’s throughput.

Improve Visible Sustainability

Improve the perception of your commitment to sustainability by adding EV chargers.

Welcome Visitors Properly

Cater to your visitors’ needs and make the right impression to attract more business.

Gain High-value Staff

Provide worker benefits that mirror desired staff needs to attract the best people for the job.

Increase the Daily Range of Your Workers

Give your workers who live far away access to onsite charging to transition to an EV.

Improve Worker Health

Help workers adopt cleaner transport and improve everyone’s breathing onsite.


Solution 3

BOLT Charger Management System

Manage Your EV Charging Centrally.

Why Is a Charge Management System Beneficial for Businesses?

Improved Visibility

Track your charging capacity to ensure you’re meeting the current demand.

Automated Tariff Adjustment

Use the automatic tariff adjustment tool to match supply and demand to charging capacity.

Integrated Payment Solutions

Manage your finances easily with BOLT’s streamlined approach to transactions.

Automated Maintenance

Receive alerts to issues after the automatic maintenance tools assess the cause for downtime.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Reduce the need to check each station with central visibility on your entire charging solution.

Planned Charging

Plan charging based on current demand metrics and charger capacity in real-time.


Solution 4

BOLT Commercial Workspace Charging Installation Services

Get the Best Out of Your Charging Solution With Professional Installation.

Why Should You Get Your Charging Solution Installed by BOLT?

Efficient Charging

Provide efficient charging thanks to professional installation.

Effective Design

Ensure you’re installing the right number of charging solutions to meet demand.

Improved Visibility

Check each charging device’s status with BOLT’s Charge Management System.

Integrated Payment Solution

Handle all payments with ease using BOLT’s streamlined payment process.

Empowered Workers

Empower your workers to make the switch to EVs and help them improve productivity.

Compelling Sustainability

Ensure all visitors and workers know your stance on sustainability as they park.