Solutions for Commercial Buildings or Workspaces

Attract High-value Workers by Adding EV Charging Stations to Your Business. Why Should You Invest in Commercial EV Charging Stations for Employees and Clients?

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Bolt.Earth Service: End-to-End Solution for Site Planning, Installation, and Support

Get a Complete EV Charging Solution.
Why Should You Allow Bolt.Earth To Provide a Total EV Charging Solution?

  • Professional Installation

    Maximize the quality and value of your properties through professional installation.

  • Profitable Installation During Construction

    Add a charging solution with ease and reduced costs during the construction of a home.

  • Reduced Remedial Action

    Reduce unnecessary remedial action after a home sale with professional installation.

  • Rapid Market Growth

    Beat your competitors and add an overnight charging station for EVs to increase profits.

  • Centralized Charging Management System (CMS)

    Use a centralized CMS to monitor and maintain your management-provided charging points.

  • Commercial Tier Support

    Gain access to 24/7 commercial-level support.

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Bolt.Earth Charging Points for Commercial Workspaces

Attract and Keep High-value Workers.
Why Should You Add a Bolt.Earth Charging Point To Your Commercial Workspace?

  • Reduce Staff Turnaround

    Meet your staff’s needs to keep them content and reduce your staff’s throughput.

  • Improve Visible Sustainability

    Improve the perception of your commitment to sustainability by adding EV chargers.

  • Welcome Visitors Properly

    Cater to your visitors’ needs and make the right impression to attract more business.

  • Gain High-value Staff

    Provide worker benefits that mirror desired staff needs to attract the best people for the job.

  • Increase the Daily Range of Your Workers

    Give your workers who live far away access to onsite charging to transition to an EV.

  • Improve Worker Health

    Help workers adopt cleaner transport and improve everyone’s breathing onsite.

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Bolt.Earth Charger Management System

Manage Your EV Charging Centrally.
Why Is a Charge Management System Beneficial for Businesses?

  • Improved Visibility

    Track your charging capacity to ensure you’re meeting the current demand.

  • Automated Tariff Adjustment

    Use the automatic tariff adjustment tool to match supply and demand to charging capacity.

  • Integrated Payment Solutions

    Manage your finances easily with Bolt.Earth’s streamlined approach to transactions.

  • Automated Maintenance

    Receive alerts to issues after the automatic maintenance tools assess the cause for downtime.

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs

    Reduce the need to check each station with central visibility on your entire charging solution.

  • Planned Charging

    Plan charging based on current demand metrics and charger capacity in real-time.

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Bolt.Earth Commercial Workspace Charging Installation Services

Get the Best Out of Your Charging Solution With Professional Installation.
Why Should You Get Your Charging Solution Installed by Bolt.Earth?

  • Efficient Charging

    Provide efficient charging thanks to professional installation.

  • Effective Design

    Ensure you’re installing the right number of charging solutions to meet demand.

  • Improved Visibility

    Check each charging device’s status with Bolt.Earth’s Charge Management System.

  • Integrated Payment Solution

    Handle all payments with ease using Bolt.Earth’s streamlined payment process.

  • Empowered Workers

    Empower your workers to make the switch to EVs and help them improve productivity.

  • Compelling Sustainability

    Ensure all visitors and workers know your stance on sustainability as they park.

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