Why Should Fleet Operators Work With Bolt.Earth?

Monitor your fleet wherever you are. Ensure up-to-date diagnostics and upgrades.

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Bolt.Earth - Fleet Management-as-a-Service

A Complete 360-Degree Business Solution for Fleet Operators.
Why Scale Your EV Fleet Operations With Bolt.Earth?

  • Get Comprehensive Charging Solutions

    Scale up your fleet with comprehensive charging solutions.

  • Discover Reliable Charging

    Keep your fleet charging with robust and proven charging solutions.

  • Schedule Charging

    Schedule charging from a centralized platform with Bolt.Earth’s Charge Management System.

  • Access Simple Scaling

    Get modular hardware solutions compatible with your existing power supply.

  • Monitor Efficiently

    Track charging point performance and optimize the system in real-time with Bolt.Earth’s Fleet Management System (FMS).

  • Rely on Professional Planning

    Plan your charging solution with Bolt.Earth’s no obligation, free consultations, and site visits.

  • Depend on Commercial Support

    Keep your fleet going with 24/7 enterprise support from Bolt.Earth’s preferred partners.

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