Solutions for Parking Operators and Facility Management

Upgrade Your Parking Facility with EV Charging Stations and Maximize Your Revenue!
Why Should Parking Operators and Facility Management Install EV Chargers?

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Bolt.Earth End-to-End Solutions

Get Your Parking Facility EV-Ready with Bolt.Earth’s Complete Charging System.
Why Choose Bolt.Earth’s End-to-End EV Solutions?

  • Accelerated Business Expansion

    Transform your existing parking slots into charging stations for electric 2- and 4-wheelers. Upgrade your parking facility and increase your revenue!

  • Out-of-the-Box Functionality

    Choose convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind with Bolt.Earth’s ready-to-go suite of tools for every stage.

  • Reliable Installation

    Save time and secure quality assurance by trusting Bolt.Earth’s preferred partners to get your parking facility EV-ready.

  • Streamlined Charging Management

    Put your business on the fast track with Bolt.Earth’s time-saving centralized management tools.

  • Competitive Advantage

    Stand out from the crowd by offering in-demand charging services. Get the best-in-class management tools and round-the-clock customer support.

  • Compelling Value Proposition

    Tap into a new market by fulfilling your customers’ charging needs with Bolt.Earth’s all-in-one system.

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Bolt.Earth Charging Points for Parking Operators and Facility Managers

Meet the Modern Demand for EV Charging.
Why Should You Add a Bolt.Earth Charging Point to Your Parking Facility?

  • Increase Revenue

    Add EV chargers to your parking slots and command premium prices from users.

  • Attract More Business

    Appeal to a new customer segment by addressing the demand for EV-friendly parking.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Earn customer loyalty by providing EV owners with convenient charging solutions.

  • Outstrip Competitors

    Get ahead of the curve by catering to customers’ newest needs.

  • Enhance Your Company Image

    Showcase your commitment to social responsibility. Join the EV revolution and support sustainable environmental practices.

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Bolt.Earth Charger Management System

Save Time and Boost Profits with Real-Time Data, All in One Place! How Can a Centralized EV Charger Management System Help You?.

  • Seamless Transactions

    Treat your customers to a smooth payment process with Bolt.Earth’s integrated system.

  • Automated Assessments

    Catch problems proactively with Bolt.Earth’s automatic monitoring alerts. Keep your customers’ charging experience glitch-free.

  • Performance Reporting

    Save time and effort, improve resource allocation, and scale effortlessly with centralized diagnostics checks.

  • Optimized Charging

    Track fluctuating demand levels and charger capacities at all times. Minimize operational costs and avoid excessive energy consumption.

  • Tracking Metrics

    Learn about your customers’ charging patterns with concrete data. Adapt your offerings to meet their needs with data-driven decisions.

  • Price Updates

    Calibrate prices at peak demand times and maximize your revenue.

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Bolt.Earth Charging Installation Services

Gain Peace of Mind with Professional Installation.
How Can Bolt.Earth’s Installation Services Help Your Business?

  • Expert Consultation Session

    Map out your strategy with advice from Bolt.Earth’s specialists.

  • Professional Set-Up

    Sit back while Bolt.Earth’s preferred partners take care of increasing your parking slots’ value.

  • Fast-Tracked Expansion

    Opt for an efficient installation that’s done right the first time. Skip ahead to collecting your new stream of revenue.

  • One-Stop Convenience

    Let Bolt.Earth take care of payment integration, centralized monitoring, charging optimization, and more, while you focus on running your business.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Protect yourself from financial penalties, legal consequences, reputational damage, and operational disruptions. Trust Bolt.Earth to stay abreast of ever-shifting regulations.

  • 24/7 Support

    Efficiently troubleshoot problems with always-available personalized guidance from Bolt.Earth’s team of customer service experts.

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