Solutions for Schools and College Campuses

Generate Passive Income and Meet Increased Demand for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging.
Why Should Schools and College Campuses Say Yes to Electric Chargers?

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Bolt.Earth End-to-End Solutions

Electrify Your Campus with Bolt.Earth’s Complete EV Charging System.
Why Choose Bolt.Earth’s End-to-End EV Solutions?

  • Ongoing Value

    Invest in a sustainable, scalable, lucrative strategy that will appeal to tomorrow’s students, faculty, and staff.

  • Effortless Income

    Electrify your existing on-site parking slots, and watch your passive revenue grow.

  • Ready-to-Go Functionality

    Reap the benefits of cutting-edge technology with Bolt.Earth’s convenient out-of-the-box tools for every step.

  • Seamless Installation

    Ensure quality and save time with installation by Bolt.Earth’s trusted partners.

  • Streamlined Management

    Eliminate hassle by monitoring your EV chargers with a centralized cloud-based management system that gives you full control.

  • Market Advantage

    Outpace other schools by providing sought-after EV charging solutions to attract environmentally conscious students, staff, and faculty.

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Bolt.Earth Charging Points for Schools and College Campuses

Increase Revenue and Align with Student Values.
Why Add Bolt.Earth Charging Points to Your Campus?

  • Grow Your Revenue

    Discover new revenue streams by adding EV chargers to existing parking slots.

  • Fulfill Your Community’s Needs

    Appeal to students’ and faculty members’ growing demand for sustainable solutions and convenient on-site EV charging.

  • Meet Sustainability Standards

    Meet or exceed green operating standards by implementing sustainable solutions on your campus.

  • Maintain a Cleaner Campus

    Decrease air pollution to improve your academic community’s health with a cleaner, greener campus environment.

  • Enhance Your Image

    Showcase your commitment to social responsibility and boost public perception of your school or college.

  • Manage Parking Demand

    Improve your campus’s parking situation with clearly marked charging spots for 2- and 4-wheeled EVs.

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Bolt.Earth Charger Management System

Save Time and Boost Profits with Real-Time Data, All in One Place! How Can a Centralized EV Charger Management System Help You?.

  • Transact Seamlessly

    Give your customers a hassle-free payment process with Bolt.Earth’s fully integrated system.

  • Automate Maintenance

    Catch problems in real time with Bolt.Earth’s automatic monitoring alerts, so you can keep your attention on providing a quality campus experience.

  • Access Crucial Insights

    Make informed decisions with centralized performance reporting and diagnostic checks, all in one time-saving package

  • Optimize Charging

    Track fluctuating demand levels and charger capacities so you can minimize operational costs and avoid excessive energy consumption.

  • Comply With Shifting Standards

    Trust Bolt.Earth’s experts to help you meet ever-changing regulatory standards and avoid financial or legal penalties.

  • Reduce Upkeep

    Decrease the burden on your staff and your budget with automated diagnostics and 24/7 access to Bolt.Earth’s technical support.

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Bolt.Earth Charger Installation Services

Trust Bolt.Earth to Install Lucrative EV Charging Stations.
How Can Bolt.Earth’s Installation Services Help Your Campus?

  • Book an Expert Consultation

    Map out the right strategy, tailored to your school’s unique situation and needs, with advice from Bolt.Earth’s trained specialists.

  • Trust the Professionals

    Relax and enjoy a hassle-free installation process, thanks to Bolt.Earth’s preferred partners.

  • Accelerate Revenue

    Streamline installation by relying on Bolt.Earth’s experts, and fast-forward to raking in your new profits.

  • Save Time and Effort

    Let Bolt.Earth do the heavy lifting, from handling transactions to optimizing charging, while you’re busy continuing to improve your campus.

  • Price for Demand

    Maximize your revenue by offering peak pricing to meet demand when campus traffic is busiest.

  • Empower Your Community

    Do your part for the environment by enabling students, faculty, and staff to go green.

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