Vehicle Management System (VMS)

Bolt.Earth’s remarkable Vehicle Management System (VMS) software provides a centralized solution for every stage of your EV manufacturing and sales processes. With our comprehensive suite of cutting-edge tools, you can fine-tune your production, cut down operation costs, and maximize revenue. Take your operational efficiency to the next level and expand your business with Bolt.Earth OS!

Vehicle Management System

About Bolt.Earth VMS

Vehicle Management System Software

Bolt.Earth VMS offers robust cloud-based connected platform technology for OEMs and EV dealers.

  • Gain indispensable insights by tracking your EVs throughout their lifecycle, generating convenient sales and diagnostics reports, and aggregating customer feedback.
  • We even help you provide unrivalled after-sales service by automatically deploying over-the-air (OTA) updates and solving for your software maintenance needs across multiple models and versions of your EVs.

Redefining Vehicle management with Bolt.Earth VMS

Bolt.Earth VMS
  • Bolt.Earth's VMS revolutionizes vehicle management by seamlessly integrating inventory management, customer support, and strategic planning.
  • Stay ahead with real-time updates, detailed analytics, and hassle-free post-sales management.
  • Automated OTA updates enable continuous vehicle improvement, even after leaving the dealership.
  • Elevate your EV management with Bolt.Earth VMS and unlock your business's true potential in the industry.

Bolt.Earth VMS Features

User Management

User Management

  • Effortlessly map your EVs and user details for seamless post sales tracking and user engagement with our user-friendly dashboard for dealers, distributors and OEMs.
Sales Tracking

Sales Tracking

  • Generate detailed reports on sales figures, inventory levels, and customer feedback.
  • Our cutting-edge analytics tools enable you to understand your customers’ needs, pinpoint and resolve their pain points, and win their loyalty.
Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

  • Provide customers with a premium experience, even after they’ve made their purchase.
  • With ongoing customer support and seamless over-the-air updates, you can continuously optimize your offerings to fulfil the needs of today’s EV users.
Data-Based Decisions

Data-Based Decisions

  • Get real-time insights into your EVs’ status and performance, displayed for your convenience in our intuitive interface.
  • Use our detailed metrics to expand your business, satisfy your customers, and position yourself at the forefront of the ever-evolving EV industry!

Advantages of Bolt.Earth VMS

Enhanced Efficiency
1.Enhanced Efficiency

Streamline the workflows of your dealers and distributors by addressing needs around stock management, vehicle monitoring and remote diagnostics.

Ongoing Visibility
2.Ongoing Visibility

Streamline the workflows of your dealers and distributors by addressing needs around stock management, vehicle monitoring and remote diagnostics.

Sales Reporting
3.Sales Reporting

Our cloud-powered analytics tool generates detailed sales reports focusing on customer feedback, so you can always stay one step ahead. Predict future sales, optimize your inventory, and reduce costs.

OTA Updates
4.OTA Updates

Bolt.Earth’s OTA management system lets you keep your EVs updated with the latest and greatest features. Save your customers time, treat them to exciting new functionality, and ensure their ongoing satisfaction!.

Secure Access
5.Secure Access

Trust our secure software to keep important data safe. Our role-based access management system places control in your hands, guaranteeing that only authorized users can access sensitive information.

Revolutionize EV Manufacturing with the Bolt.Earth Ecosystem

EV Ecosystem
  • As a key part of the Bolt.Earth ecosystem, our VMS seamlessly integrates with other Bolt.Earth OS-powered components, offering bundled solutions for your entire business.
  • Our cutting-edge tech positions you as a leader in the dynamic EV market. Step into the Bolt.Earth ecosystem, where innovation meets sustainability, and set yourself up for success in the EV industry. Join us in shaping a greener world for generations to come.

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