Bolt.Earth Operating Stack

Bolt.Earth Operating Stack provides complete suite of out-of-the-box modules that effortlessly integrate with modern EV making processes. Our robust features will help you make your EVs smarter, safer and more connected to optimise the EV riding experience of your customers, maximise your revenues and help you effortlessly manage your EV business.


Smart, Safe, Connected EV Experiences with Bolt.Earth OS

EV Operating Stack

With our integrated platform, OEMs can treat their customers to a smarter EV experience. Bolt.Earth OS offers state-of-the-art features including:

  • Smart instrument clusters
  • Plug and play EV companion app
  • EV charging solutions

and a bunch of smart features for individual EV riders and fleet riders. The OS also boasts of cloud solutions for data storage, fleet management and vehicle management to help OEMs, their distributors and fleet operators manage their EV businesses effectively.

Why Choose Bolt.Earth OS?

Our solutions can be easily customized to the specific needs of your business and end-users.

The layered architecture and hardware agnostic OS makes it very easy for you to scale your EV business to support multiple EV models and versions.

The Bolt.Earth OS comes with an integrated charging network and marketplace to solve for the changing mobility needs of end-users and businesses.

Bolt.Earth OS is hardware agnostic and can easily integrate with any EV drivetrain.

The Bolt.Earth OS provides EV developers with a low-code system integrations platform for a faster go-to-market.

The Bolt.Earth OS has a layered architecture to make feature customizations easier for your specific user and business.

You and your users can remotely configure the EV for optimizing the performance and safety of the vehicle.

With our secure firmware over-the-air update management system, it’s easy to continuously upgrade your EV software and experience over multiple EV models and versions.

Bolt.Earth OS Architecture

Bolt.Earth OS Architecture

Solutions for Every Business

For EV Makers

For EV Makers

Convert your EVs into gadgets with smart and connected instrument clusters with ready-to-use EV companion app for the modern EV rider. Our instrument clusters range from modern LED based displays to high-end touch-screen displays for a premium EV look.

Integrated Charging Network

Integrated Charging Network

Leverage the integrated charging solution of Bolt.Earth OS to provide your users with options for peer-to-peer charging solutions and access to some of the largest public charging networks to reduce their range anxiety. Bundle these with your vehicle subscriptions for a seamless experience for EV makers and EV users.

Seamless Infrastructure Development

Seamless Infrastructure Development

You can setup / optimize your EV charging business with the Bolt.Earth peer-to-peer charging network infrastcture. You can tap into the growing EV charging demand generated by the charging app or use the CMS to effortlessly manage & monitor your charging stations.

Passive Income generation

Passive Income generation

Tap into a whole new stream of revenue by becoming a CPO, with one of our easy-to-install EV charging points for slow and fast charging of EVs.

One-Step Fleet Management

One-Step Fleet Management

Optimize your fleet business by leveraging financing, vehicle monitoring, charging and subscription modules of the integrated Bolt.Earth OS.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Maintain your investment with our VMS for OEMs and FMS for fleets; our convenient standardized cloud dashboards and reporting modules let you monitor your EVs and charging points' performance all in one place.

EV Financing

EV Financing

Unlock growth for your EV business by tapping into the financing options provided along with the Bolt.Earth OS for individual EV owners, fleet businesses and charge point operators.

Bolt.Earth OS Capabilities

Smart Instrument Clusters

Smart Instrument Clusters

  • Monitor and control various EV components, including the battery, controller, motor, and vehicle peripherals, for a safe & smart driving experience.
  • Bolt.Earth smart instrument clusters even ensure regulatory compliance with global automotive standards.
Convenient Vehicle Management

Convenient Vehicle Management

  • Optimize your business by using the Bolt.Earth Vehicle Management System (VMS) to automate your sales processes.
  • Our efficient dashboard interface gives you one-step access to must-have information like sales data and customer feedback.
Integrated Fleet Management

Integrated Fleet Management

  • Streamline your fleet operations and optimize your revenues & costs with our Bolt.Earth OS-enabled insturment clusters & IoT trackers, fleet charging solutions, and convenient fleet management software solutions.
  • Our scalable, adaptable tools can keep pace with the growing needs of your EV fleet business.
Smart Charging Solutions

Smart Charging Solutions

  • Leverage our unique multi-compatible technology to provide smart, safe, cost-effective charging facilities for any type of EV.
  • Our remote charger management system features remote monitoring capabilities and performance insights
  • Our user-friendly app enables drivers to easily find and use your charging points.
EV Companion App

EV Companion App

  • Give users convenient access to customized vehicle controls, plus crucial real-time data like vehicle health checks and alerts, right on their smartphones.
  • They’ll appreciate the opportunity to save time and money by proactively stopping problems before they start!
  • The EV Companion app also acts as a opportunity for OEMs to provide bundled subscriptions forEV maintenance, charging, insurances and other smart features for their end-users.
Regular OTA Updates

Regular OTA Updates

  • Our secure over-the-air (OTA) management system enables you to continuously improve your customers’ driving experience by remotely delivering new features and firmware upgrades.
  • You can even use it for troubleshooting and diagnostics!

OEM Engagement Plan

Ready to take your EV business to the next level? Check out our streamlined 5-step plan for businesses to get started with Bolt.Earth OS!

Step 1

Consult with an EV expert

Have a specific business need at hand? Talk to one of our EV experts and collaboratively explore how Bolt.Earth OS can help you upgrade your EVs to smart gadgets, provide charging solutions for your users and help optimizing revenue and costs for your business.

Step 2

Integration support

Be it making smart EVs, running your EV fleet operations or setting up and managing your own charging business, work with our team of experts to seamlessly integrate the Bolt.Earth OS into your EV and EV business.

Step 3


Post integration, Bolt.Earth will enable you to validate your products and services to ensure your users and employees get the best-in-class experience while you optimize your business.

Step 4


We understand that business needs are unique to every organization and we help you customize our solutions as needed and also provide support for certification / homologation requirements of OEMs, Fleets and CPOs.

Step 5

Customer success

Customer Success is business strategy for us at Bolt.Earth. With our 24*7 customer support and a dedicated account management team, continuously monitor and optimize your business metrics to maximize the ROI from our OS offerings.

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