Our Impact Quantified

We’re making major headway in India and have several pilot studies in neighboring countries. Check out how well we’re doing!

We're rapidly expanding our charging station locations in cities and rural regions.


Plan your journey from your mobile with our integrated booking and payment system, real-time battery data, and convenient navigation!

Charging Points

Find BOLT charging points everywhere thanks to our diverse charging point offerings and low-cost solutions.

Installed Capacity

We're vastly increasing the installed charging capacity in India and surrounding countries. Stay charged up with BOLT!

Versatile Charging Points

Use your BOLT charging point overnight to power your daily driver efficiently. Generate passive income while you’re away.

  • Utilize the full 230V 15A power source your home gives you
  • Generate passive income by allowing other EV drivers to charge their vehicles with your charging point
Smart BOLT App

Use the BOLT mobile app to book, navigate, and pay for your EV charging.

  • Scan the QR code on the BOLT charging point
  • Select from 15K+ charging points–even in rural locations
  • Scan-Pay-Charge
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    Metrics & Features

    Get key metrics and features from the BOLT app and enjoy your trips. Know exactly when you need to charge and how much it’ll cost you.

    • Get live diagnostics and monitor your EV and battery status
    • Use the BOLT app with all Wi-Fi-compatible devices

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