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Charge Your EV on the Go

Use and Install Bolt.Earth Charging Points

Bolt.Earth charging devices offer seamless, hassle-free charging for all vehicles. Our low-cost smart chargers are easily accessible and verified to offer consistent charging.

Hassle Free Charging for EV Vehicles

Enjoy Seamless Charging

Range anxiety is the #1 concern for EV owners.

That’s why we created the Bolt.Earth App. Plan for long trips from the comfort of your home. Simply open the App, book a charger, and pay. You’re all set!

Going on a surprise trip? Not a problem! Find the nearest charger anywhere through our App.

24/7 Access to Charging
Full Charging Control
Get the Bolt.Earth App
Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Plug and Play to Charge All Vehicles

Concerned you won’t find a compatible charger on your route?

We created our chargers to cater to all vehicles and charging cables.

Locate any Bolt.Earth slow or fast charger at any property and enjoy instant plug-and-play functionality.

Enjoy Hassle-Free Charging
Avoid Delays with Incompatible Chargers
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Largest EV Charging Network in India

Access the Largest Charging Network in India

Found a compatible charger but it’s too far? That’s not a concern with the Bolt.Earth Charging Network.

We have 35,000+ charging stations across India and counting. So you’ll find a charging station wherever you need one!

Charge Using a Network You Trust
Enjoy Convenient and Low Payments
Join the Bolt.Earth Charging Network
Best EV Chargers

Find Bolt.Earth-Verified Chargers

We welcome all EV charging device owners to our network. But to offer the best to our customers, we verify all chargers.

We assess all chargers on our network and assign them a score based on how much they’re used and how many transactions they handled without issues.

Use Only the Best EV Chargers on Your Trips
Find a Bolt.Earth Charging Station

Generate Passive Income

Transform your parking spaces & retail outlets into passive income-generating opportunities. Simply purchase a low-cost Bolt.Earth charging device, and add it to our expanding network!

Travelers from across the country can find them and pay you to use them through our App. You’ll get more free cash flow each month! Who can say NO to that?

Benefit from a Truly Passive Income
Offer High-performance Charging
Deliver Convenient EV Charging Anywhere
Maximize Your Income

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Learn how to charge EV

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Get your personal Bolt.Earth EV Charging Point

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Surge protection

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Compatible with all EVs

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