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Use the BOLT mobile app to navigate to a nearby charging point on the go. Seamlessly scan, charge, and pay!

BOLT Charging Network Services

Make EVs More Accessible

Give EV users access to 15,000+ charging points to boost EV user confidence through the BOLT app, allowing accessible and convenient charging. Enable EV users to generate passive income while encouraging EV adoption.

Get Fast Installation

Contact local BOLT specialists and install your BOLT charging solution within 30 minutes. Scale your charging solutions quickly as your business grows.

Increase your earnings

Add your charger to BOLT’s EV charging network and generate a passive revenue stream. Set and modify your charging premium easily within the BOLT App.

Charge Securely

Protect user account credentials during use with frequent over-the-air (OTA) updates on all our charging points. Gain user confidence and generate a dependable income.

Manage Everything Centrally

Grasp all new business opportunities with lower time spent maintaining infrastructure. Streamline maintenance and monitor consumption with BOLT Charger Management System (CMS). Manage tariffs, booking, and payments centrally to save time.


Charging Network Benefits

Generate a Passive Income

Add your charging station to BOLT’s private charging network for others to use it. Reduce the financial impact of owning an EV and help others stay charged.

Charge Using a Trusted Network

Access intelligent charging solutions that stand the test of time. Join the 50% of India’s EV owners who use BOLT’s network to charge their vehicles daily.

Pay Conveniently

Use BOLT’s integrated payment solution to conveniently pay at BOLT charging points.

Find Your Nearest Charger Conveniently

Locate one of the 15,000+ charging stations across India with BOLT’s navigation app.

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