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End-to-End Drive for State And Central EV Adoption

State and Central EV adoption requires a 360-degree solution.

  • End-to-End Management

    Bolt.Earth helps you through the planning, solution design, and implementation phases.

  • 360-Degree Impact

    Use your EV charging infrastructure to power public EVs or private fleets and employee vehicles.

  • Simple Income Generation

    Generate a passive income from your public charging points with an automated tariff system.

  • Automated Capacity Optimization

    Automatically change your tariff throughout the day, distribute usage, and gain more revenue.

  • Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

    Generate reports from real-time analytics through a centralized management system for audits.

  • Robust Charging Management System

    Monitor the status of your charging network with Bolt.Earth’s CMS tool.

  • 100% Scalable

    Expand your charging infrastructure to grow as you want.

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Bolt.Earth’s Charging Points

Provide your territory with the freedom to charge.

  • Cost-Effective Charging

    Roll out an abundant charging solution with Bolt.Earth’s cost-effective charging options.

  • Increased Visibility

    View the status of all your charging points from Bolt.Earth’s centralized Charge Management System (CMS).

  • Customizable Tariffs

    Set a tariff for different usage throughout the day and generate the most revenue possible.

  • Robust Hardware

    Comply with safety standards with Bolt.Earth’s hardware designed to last in a public environment.

  • Local Vendor Support

    Get help during maintenance tasks from Bolt.Earth’s local vendors nationwide.

  • Automated Management

    Ensure all users are charging as fast as possible with automatic power allocation.

  • Easy Mobile App Booking

    Allow users to book charging points from the mobile app remotely or scan a QR code when present.

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Bolt.Earth’s Charge Management System (CMS)

Optimize your charging network based on user behaviour.

  • Reduce Maintenance

    Assess the state of your charging points remotely to reduce site inspection costs.

  • Optimize Charging

    Ensure peak efficiency per charge by rerouting power during power restrictions using automated tools.

  • Improve Uptime

    Restart charging points remotely from the CMS during automated updates.

  • Get SOS Alerts

    Receive an SOS alert stating the issue if a charging point is damaged and needs to shut down.

  • Manage Fleets

    Use CMS to manage your fleet charging and notify users of scheduled bookings.

  • Create a Network

    Create your charging network and easily add charging points as they come online.

  • Communicate With Local Partners

    Notify local Bolt.Earth partners when maintenance and safety checks are required straight from the CMS.

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Bolt.Earth’s Charging Installation Services

Add EV charging points as you need them.

  • Complete Assurance

    Get the best performance from your charging network with professional installation.

  • Local Partners

    Get access to hardware and professional expertise from Bolt.Earth’s local preferred partners.

  • Demand-driven Installation

    Get professional consultations to ensure you are only installing charging points you will use.

  • Professional Maintenance

    Ensure your charging points are working as intended with Bolt.Earth’s professional maintenance service.

  • Cost-Effective Adoption

    Make adoption easy with Bolt.Earth’s cost-effective products and installation.

  • Robust Charge Management System

    Add new charging devices to your charging network easily.

  • Optimized Installation

    Enable installations to be quickly configured to your business needs.

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