Charge Your EV at Home

Charge your EV overnight using Bolt.Earth's convenient home EV charging point. Never pay a premium for using a public charging station again!

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Why Install a Bolt.Earth Home Charging Point

Get the Bolt.Earth charging device to join our charging network and generate a passive income. The Bolt.Earth app handles all booking and payments and allows you to set the premium you want users to pay for using your device.

Home EV Charging Point

Safer Charging

Dealing with high voltage electricity can make anyone nervous about using a charging point.

Put your fears to rest with Bolt.Earth's Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) compliant home charging sockets! We provide you with both fast and safe charging using industry-standard power management.

Charge your EV with one of the fastest home charging devices on the market. Our powerful Bolt.Earth charging point works at 220V 13A residential power, enabling it to power your EV at ~3.3 kiloWatts.

This ensures your EV is charged up overnight so you're ready to go the next day.

Safe & Weatherproof
Intelligent Power Management
Charge Your Vehicle Anywhere Without Any Hassle

Simple Scan-Pay-Charge Process

It's frustrating to figure out how to pay every time you charge. With Bolt.Earth, the process is simple.

Our straightforward and user-friendly scan-pay-charge process allows you to charge your vehicle anywhere without any hassle.

The Bolt.Earth OS automatically handles payment as well, enabling you to plug in fast!

Simple Installation
Low-Cost Charging Device
Simple Scan-Pay-Charge
Bolt.Earth OS App

Connected and Smart

Grab a cup of tea without having to check how your charge is going every 5 minutes? Track charging through the Bolt.Earth OS app!

You'll see what's happening with your car from your phone wherever you are. The Bolt.Earth app will let you know when your car has finished charging.

Enjoy a more convenient, connected charging experience!

Compact Form Factor
Convenient Bolt.Earth OS Navigation Feature
Hassle Free EV charging solutions

Simple Installation

Avoid an installation hassle with your home charging device. Simply get a Bolt.Earth charging point and an electrician!

Your charging point will be up and running in no time. Add this charger to our app and start generating passive income.

Get cost-effective and convenient charging while you focus on life's more pressing issues.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity
One-Time Installation
home EV charging point

Personal Charging Incentives

It's a myth that home charging will send your electricity bill through the roof.

The Indian government gives subsidies to electricity suppliers for home EV charging. Get a Bolt.Earth charging point, allow others to use it, and take advantage of cheaper electricity.

Help India reach its targets for EV adoption!

Easy-to-Use Ergonomic Interface
Money-Saving Home Charging
Trackable Charging Sessions on the Bolt.Earth App
Low-Cost EV Charging Device

Low-Cost Charging Device

You don't have to spend an enormous amount to get a charging device.

Bolt.Earth has scaled its manufacturing solutions to give you cheaper EV charging points. This has helped us occupy 50% of the EV charging market.

Get our charging point today and join Bolt.Earth's country-wide charging network!

Extensive Charging Network
Simple Installation

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Surge protection

Power theft protection

Auto cut-off

Compatible with all EVs

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